Daisy Wai - Candidate, PC Party of Ontario, Richmond Hill

Richmond Hill
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Daisy Wai is running as the official candidate in Richmond Hill for the Ontario PC party in the next provincial election. 

Daisy is a life-long resident of Richmond Hill, and has been active in the community for over 30 years, being involved in everything from faith-based organizations to boardroom tables and beyond.

Becoming a politician was far from her first career choice, but she felt compelled to stand up and voice the concern of her fellow neighbours, who have been disrespected and neglected far too many times by the Wynne-liberals.

Daisy has seen how our community has suffered and struggled under the provincial liberal government. She has been involved within the community for many decades but over the last several years she began to sense just how frustrated and tired people have become. Everywhere she would go she would hear people cry “enough is enough”. Like many others, she began to petition the government seeking a change of course. She decided to roll up her sleeves and step forward. Daisy is committed to Walking the Talk.

Daisy is passionate about our community and cares deeply about the needs of the residences of Richmond Hill. She shares our common concerns about the deteriorating health-care and education system. She is committed to doing her best to fix it.

As a small business owner, she knows that the first step in improving core services is to ensure their long term stability by minding the public purse. We have seen first-hand the negative impacts that fiscal irresponsibility has upon front line services. As an example the province spends more than 11 billion dollars per year just on interest payments on debt! That is money that should be going to improving our communities. Anyone who promises you that they can fix our healthcare and education systems without first tackling our financial problems are selling you a bill of goods. The people of Richmond Hill deserver honesty, not more empty promises.

Daisy understands that our hydro bills are becoming unaffordable for many families and is just as frustrated as everyone else over the billions of dollars that have been lost due to liberal scandals and waste. At the same time she worries about the negative effects the provincial governments reckless and irresponsible decision to increasing the minimum wage by 32 percent will have upon the small business community. While life has become unaffordable for many under the Wynne-Liberals, the minimum wage should never be used as a political tool. Instead we must focus on the root causes which are holding hard working families back.

Daisy believes that our Province and Town deserve much better, which is why she has put her name forward to serve as a Member of Provincial Parliament. She wants to bring ethics back to Queen’s Park so we can start to focus our priorities back upon the needs of our community which include: improved transportation to ease congestion, a better business environment to promote jobs and growth, affordable hydro and an overall more efficient government.

To learn more about Daisy and her vision for Richmond Hill please visit our website or reach out to us. Daisy would love to hear from you!”

905 883 9338


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