Planting supplies from used materials

This article focuses on amazing things you can do with materials you find around your house which you might otherwise discard.

Let your inner crafter out while saving dollars to grow plants!

Your own bird feeder

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Which Toothpaste Do We Recommend?

The answer to that question is any toothpaste with XYLITOL as the main ingredient.

WHAT is Xylitol?

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Climate Action and Awareness Fund from the Federal Government. Consider applying!!

The new Climate Action and Awareness Fund will invest $206 million over five years to support Canadian-made projects that help to reduce Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions.

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Let's Explore Richmond Hill - David Hamilton Park

The newly renovated David Hamilton Park is where the newly renovated Ed Sackfield Arena is (b

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LEAF Offers A Virtual Tour to Celebrate National Tree Day! Let's Keep Celebrating!!

Wednesday, September 23rd was National Tree Day.

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The Red Hot GTA Housing Market: What’s Happening Now and A Look Ahead

In the midst of a global pandemic, the GTA housing market continues to astound and defy its critics.

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Let's Explore Richmond Hill - Museum of the Streets - Part 4. Some streets west of Yonge.

It is not the time to go wandering the streets in far off lands.  It is a good time to put on a warm jacket and explore Richmond Hill’s old neighbourhoods.

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Melony Teague, local new author - Talking about the challenges for getting promoted in Covid times

At last week's Connecting the Community meeting, Melony told us about the struggles for authors, particularly first time authors, to get their books known.

It's a battle with algorithyms.

Have a listen:

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