Richmond Hill Presbyterian Church’s "The Christmas Shoppe"

The wonderful people at Richmond Hill Presbyterian Churched hope you will join them virtually this year for some of your Christmas shopping. 

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Three Rivers Forest Church October Gathering, at Jefferson Forest

Forest Church draws on ancient spiritual traditions when sacred places and practices were outside and contemporary research that highlights the benefits of spending time in natural places.  

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'Curbside Drop -Off' for donations for those in need in our community

This holiday season, donate non-perishable food items, new and unused toys (no stuffed animals) and clothing for children and teens to help those in need.

All food donations will be sent to the Richmond Hill Food Bank.

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Marking World AIDS Day - with a candle light vigil

Each year, December 1st is designated as World AIDS Day, a day set aside for people to show support for those living with HIV, to commemorate those who have died from an AIDS-related illness, and to unite worldwide in the ongoing fight against HIV

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Richmond Hill Computer Technology Volunteers (RH-CTV) for Older Adults. Free Help!!

The RH-CTV group is a community of seniors with an interest in technology to enhance our digital literacy skills, enabling us to feel comfortable with what has become an integral part of modern life – smartphones, tablets and computers.

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Council Public Meeting - request for comments on secondary suites

These meetings are on line and are recorded can be watched later on the City's YouTube channel.

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Bedwetting. Time for a Second Opinion. A presentation by Red House Dental

Is bedwetting an issue for your family?

Dr. Ben Miraglia explained Sleep Disorder relationship to bedwetting. 

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Eaton Hall: Pride of King Township. A RHPL talk, via Zoom, by Kelly Mathews.

Join historian Kelly Mathews as she shares the fascinating story of Eaton Hall built by Lady Florence (McCrea) Eaton.

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