On the Way Home Podcast ~ - Kellie Chin, committed to promoting social responsibility & invigorating local communities through design.

On the Way Home is a weekly Canadian national podcast produced by York Region's Blue Door and the Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness

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Gardening Tip ~ Plant Now for Early Spring Blooms

After a cold winter, spring flowers peeking through the snow are a welcome sight!  Did you know some early spring bloomers will begin to show themselves before the snow is gone?  I’ve seen Snowdrops, Crocus, and even the tips of Tulips start pushi

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The Feed - talking about Breast Cancer Awareness, CAA Safety Patrollers....

On this weekend's edition October 1 & 2, 2022) of THE FEED with ANN ROHMER.

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Volunteers Wanted to Deliver "Get Out To Vote" Flyers

Council Accountability Group  (CAG) is looking for volunteers to deliver a "Get Out and Vote" flyer.  CAG is not endorsing any candidates but rather is encouraging people to vote and

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Be an Informed Voter

The signs started to go up on Monday September 26 - 4 weeks before the election is decided on October 24th,  in accordance with the municipal bylaws.

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Gardening Tip ~ Autumn Prep for Spring Planting


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Free Music Lessons offered by High Notes Avante

High Notes Avante is excited that they are able to offer free music lessons on piano and guitar and a choir.

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Gardening Tip ~ Easy to Propagate Flowers for Shaded Areas

I have three areas around my house that just don’t get a lot of sun. Closest to the house, the plants in this area only get the sun from dawn to about 11 am. Most of the day they are in the shade caused by the shadow of the house.

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