Monarch Butterfly Tagging Challenge. Consider Participating!!

How would you like to be a citizen scientist and help save Monarch butterflies?

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This Week "In Conversation with Ann Rohmer". How does your garden grow? hearing from acting mayor, Joe Di Paola....

On this weekend's edition (June 19th) of THE FEED with ANN ROHMER.

THESE STORIES AND MORE ON THE FEED with Ann Rohmer: Saturday @9am & Sunday 5pm.

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Gardening Tips ~ The Slinky and the Squirrel

Are squirrels eating all the food you place in your birdfeeder?  My late husband would put out birdfeed and had many a squirrel as well as raccoons emptying the feeder regularly.  But he continued to fill the feeder given the joy he got from watch

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Fall 2021 Richmond Hill Speaker Series


September 23, 2021 

Nina Munteanu: Water Is…A Reflection on Water and its Meaning to Us.

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What Happens to Our Teeth as We Grow Older?

Growing older isn’t always pretty, and our teeth are no exception.

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Karen Cilevitz, Ward 5 Councillor, Her Covid-19 Story

Karen Cilevitz, Ward 5 Councillor for Richmond Hill, caught Covid-19.  She got really sick but not as sick as her husband Derek.  

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On the Way Home - a weekly podcast about homelessness. This week - Daniel McCulloch UK lecturer and researcher in homelessness

On the Way Home is a weekly Canadian national podcast produced by York Region's Blue Door and the Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness

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Gardening Tips ~ Row Covers

Many people believe that organic gardening is simply growing food and flower gardens without taking measures to promote the growth of your plants or prevent pests and diseases. Organic gardeners will definitely beg to differ with this view!

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