Do you think we should have on-line voting in the next municipal election? If so, sign the petition!!

The Council Accountability Group has initiated a petition to be presented to council requesting that they support the option of internet voting for our 2022 Municipal Election.

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Richmond Hill Horticultural Society's Plant Sale Extended One More Week!!

The Richmond Hill Horticultural Society is pleased to announce that their plant sale is continuing for another week! 

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"The Skillage In The Village" Scavenger Hunt continues all year long!

Partnered with Brainy Games, it is an outdoors, 'free to play', Virtual Scavenger Hunt for the Village Core - Yonge Street from Major Mackenzie Dr. to Crosby Ave.

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Chiropractor, Dr. Judy Snider, answers some questions regarding our pandemic lifestyle

What are some of the consequences for our bodies with sitting in front of a screen for prolonged times?

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Gardening Tips ~ Animals and Insects in Your Garden – Part 1

When doing a presentation earlier this year, the question of what to do about garden insects and pests was raised. This article, part one of three, attempts to help answer that question.

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This Week "In Conversation with Ann Rohmer". Vaccine hesitancy, making "cents" of your money.....

On this weekend's edition of THE FEED with ANN ROHMER.

THESE STORIES AND MORE ON THE FEED with Ann Rohmer: Saturday @9am & Sunday 5pm.

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Is online learning affecting your child’s eyes?

The world as we now know it has changed.  The recent health pandemic has changed learning for many, if not all, students.  Previous classroom settings are now Zoom calls with the teacher and their classmates having their own screens but are nowher

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Richmond Hill Garden & Horticultural Society's Online Plant Sale!!!

Due to COVID restrictions and challenges, the plants that the Richmond Hill Horticultural Society "Greenhouse Team" has been working hard to propagate and care for are being offered for sale initially only to their members through our Online Store

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