Three Tips to Consider Before you Renovate!

Renovating your home to update its look, or better fit your family’s needs, is a great investment in your life, especially if you plan to stay in your home for the next several years.

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“Squeeze All the Juice" Out of Your Retirement! A Series of Podcasts

Based on his best-selling book entitled The Four Phases of Retirement (visit to buy the book), author and podcast host Riley Moynes interviews retirees who are living lives that a

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Are You Expressing Your Anger Effectively?

Anger can be a challenging emotion to cope with and manage when circumstances are not going your way or you have been slighted by another person.

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Balanced Movement for Your Spine – Treat Your Spine Like You Treat Your Teeth

Most people are quite comfortable with the concept of brushing their teeth regularly. They do it not because they have tooth decay or gum disease, but because they don’t want to develop either.

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iAM Photography Program. Free for youth 13 to 26

The iAM program returns this spring with an eight-week intensive photography workshop series. 

This is the perfect opportunity to grow your photography skills while being mentored by some of our city's top artists.

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Coats+ Drive for Indigenous Students at Thunder Bay High School

High School education and diplomas are challenging enough for local students to earn, when living here at home with all their cherished family and community supports in place throughout their teen years. 

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Is Your Home Still Working For You? Some thoughts by Seema Sarda

For most mature adults, entering your 60s is a transitional time. It marks the perfect point at which to examine how your home is working for your current life and the life that you plan for your future.

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