McConaghy Centre Choir Spring Concert

Enjoy an afternoon of entertainment by the McConaghy Centre Choir. 

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Lighthouse - at Light On The Hill Community Church

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York Symphony Orchestra presents "Showtime at the Movies"

Featuring the music from Pirates of the Caribbean, Star Wars, James Bond, Harry Potter, The Dark Knight, Dances with Wolves and artists including The Beatles, The Eagles and Led Zeppelin.

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The Reel Thing - Meditation Park

Movie Synopsis

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Hillcrest Farmer's Market

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Richmond Hill Lawn Bowling Club Open House

The Richmond Hill Lawn Bowling Club (RHLBC), which celebrates its 100th Anniversary this year, invites you to join them at their Open House.

They welcome visitors of all ages who wish to learn about our Club and try lawn bowling.

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Meditation & Stress Relief Fundamentals

Session 1 - May 31, 2018: The Breath–The Gateway To Mental Quietude

·         Mind-breath connection.
                  * Why and how.

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