Celebrate Culture at the Richmond Hill Cultural Summit! A Free Event!!

The Cultural Summit brings together artists, arts organizations and culture lovers to learn more about what is happening in Richmond Hill.

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The Magic of Rain Barrels at Oak Ridges

Rain barrels are an easy, inexpensive way to re-use rainwater for your garden or lawn. This workshop will teach you how to install a barrel and start using rain to your advantage.

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Breakfast with the Mayor and members of Council. A RHBOT event at the Library

The Richmond Hill Board of Trade has organized a breakfast networking opportunity with the mayor and members of council

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Mid Week Meditation Service at Richmond Hill United Church

Come to the Chapel from 6:30-7:15 p.m. on Wednesdays from March 6th to April 17th for a time of quiet and contemplation with readings, music, silent reflection and a theme-based ritual.

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York Singles 50+ Club - New Member Information Night

York Singles Club is York Region’s #1 social club for singles over 50. 

They engage in many activities and have a membership of approximately 120 people. 

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Suite Thursdays - Matt Zaddy

Enjoy an evening with songwriter Matt Zaddy as he blends folk, rock, rhythm and blues to tell the story of life, love, hardship and redemption.

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PAIN. Is it Really a Message From Your Brain? A talk at the Central Library

Our brain is like a master computer;  receiving, assessing and integrating information form our senses and environment.

What happens wen there isn't enough information from our senses?

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