Getting Your Student Back on Track This Summer

For the last two school years, many students have signified the last day of school with the closing of their laptops.

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Richmond Hill Blooms - Time to Nominate!!

Richmond Hill Blooms is a program designed to encourage residents to play a role in making Richmond Hill a more beautiful place to live, work and play by creating attractive, colourful and well-maintained front gardens and recognizing them.

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Gardening Tip ~ Toads: Good Garden Mates

As a toddler, the firstborn to my parents, I enjoyed time spent in the garden playing in my sandbox. A companion, who invariably joined me in my play, was a magnificent toad.

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Richmond Hill Horticultural Society has a unique fundraiser - worm castings (poo)

Worm castings are an organic form of fertilizer produced from earthworms.

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Gardening Tips ~ Animals and Insects in Your Garden – Part 3

Birds are a great help in the garden because they consume lots of insects and are a joy to watch.

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Do you want to know about the plans are for the subway coming to Richmond Hill?

Metrolinx staff have been doing presentations to many groups to make sure we know what the plans are for building of the subway to Richmond Hill.

Things are really progressing.

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A Week of Gentle Movement Classes - as a fundraiser for Home On The Hill Supportive Housing (May 31 to June 5)

These movement classes are a great way to stay active and moving from the comfort of your own home, while providing the opportunity to relax and connect with the community.The instructor is Heather Skoll.  She is a Certified Rubenfeld Synergist an

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Where is your favourite place in Richmond Hill? And see what others think!

As the city begins to plan for the next 20 years through the Official Plan Update, City Plan 2041, they are asking residents to tell them what are your favourite places in Richmond Hill.

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