Christmas Countdown - Day 21 - Observing Winter Solstice

December 21st is the day of winter solstice this year.  Some years it can be the 20th or 22nd, generally will occur about 6 hours later each year, with a jump of a day (backwards) on leap years. 

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Christmas Countdown - Day 20 - An Account of Santa Claus

How has Santa Claus got to be part of the story of Christmas? 

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Christmas Countdown - Day 19 - Let it Snow, Let it Snow....

Snow is certainly part of the image of Christmas.   

Baby Jesus didn’t see snow but he may have sometime in his life since snow is found in the mountains in Israel.  

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Christmas Countdown - Day 18 - It's Ugly Christmas Sweater Day!!!

Today’s the day – it’s Ugly Christmas Sweater Day – the third Friday in December.

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Countdown to Christmas - Day 17 - Carols, Let Us Sing!!!

Singing or chanting was part of the earliest societies. Of course, the Pagans, from whom much of the Christmas traditions can be traced, sang.   

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Christmas Countdown - Day 16 - Christmas Cards, some history, some reflections

The Father of the Christmas Card is regarded as Sir Henry Cole, of London, England.  He was a very popular man and he needed a way to respond to all of his correspondence.  He commissioned the first card by John Callcott H

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Christmas Countdown - Day 15 - Mistletoe - Parasite or Pleasure?

“I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus Underneath the Mistletoe Last Night” are words we all know.  But we probably don’t know too much about the plant.  It has a deep history, that sort of makes sense that it is associated wit

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Christmas Countdown - Day 14 - Christmas Superstitions from our early days.

Superstitions are things we believe or things we do to make life better for us.

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