On-Line Mental Health First Aid Training - 2 day (afternoon) course

COVID has had a strong impact on the mental health of our entire community. Now, more than ever, there is a strong need for mental health education.

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Why is the Sky Blue? — Sciences in the Grade School

Why is the Sky Blue?

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"All-in-One Sale" at the Legion

  • Garage Sale Items
  • New & Used
  • Arts & Crafts

Proceeds support the Legion


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Mike Daley Presents: The Leonard Cohen Story

Dr. Mike Daley, a renowned musicologist, musician and public speaker, presents a lecture/concert on the music and history of Leonard Cohen. 

He will be accompanied by his wife, Jill Daley on piano and violin.

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Richmond Hill's Cultural Summit - an opportunity to experience our local art scene

The Cultural Summit is the event for artists, creative industry professionals, cultural organizations, students, volunteers and culture lovers to network and learn more about arts and culture in Richmond Hill.

The evening will include:

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Panel discussion about Waldorf education with teachers and alumni

This evening is a panel discussion about Waldorf education with teachers and alumni from Rudolf Steiner College Canada and Toronto Waldorf School — the fifth in a series of five Thursday evenings intended for anyone who might be interested in beco

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Fraud Awareness Seminar for Seniors, Caregivers, and other interested individuals

This is a prerequisite for all seniors that provides information on current scams and how seniors can avoid becoming victims.

Presented by Tom Cheel, Senior Support Unit Volunteer, Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre

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Understanding Women. Life. Freedom.

This is an opportunity to hear about the conflicts that have been happening in Iran, including the recent killing of the young girl, Mahsa Amini, but the oppression has been going on for decades.

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