Gardening Tip: Baking Desserts with Pumpkin

When I was in University, I’d use a fresh pumpkin to make some 20 pies each season.

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Fill a Purse for a Sister Campaign

The Fill a Purse for a Sister Campaign began locally six years ago.  

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Let's Explore Richmond Hill - Russell Farm Park

This park space at Bayview and Bantry is not a huge, but reminds us of what was here before the residential developments were imposed on this area of Town.

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Lots of On-line Programs for Adults. Check 'em out!!

Stay active, learn a new language, instrument, or skill, or let your creativity flow, all in the comfort of your own home!

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Gardening Tips - Halloween Fun for the Yard

As we get close to Halloween this year, I’m sure we are all a little leery to let our children go door to door or even for us parents to allow children to come to our doors to get candy.  But you and your children still desire a little extra fun f

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Did you know that there is a lot of filming done in Richmond Hill?

The David Dunlap Observatory (DDO) and the Fire and Emergency Services Fire Training Tower has made Richmond Hill a popular choice for a wide range of film, television and advertising production.

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The city is offering many programs this fall!!

This fall, the city of Richmond Hill  is running many programs in new formats – drop in programs, registered mini sessions and virtual programs.

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Let's Explore Richmond Hill - Pioneer Park

This may more aptly be called a woodland than a park.  When wandering these woods you will soon forget you are right beside Major Mackenzie Drive, just behind Mackenzie Health Hospital. 

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