Council Accountability Group's Engagement Education Series - helping you be better engaged.

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Council Accountability Group Richmond Hill Inc. was formed with the mission of informing the public of local politics and holding the elected officials accountable.
They have developed resources to help the residents both understand what is going on and make it easier to get involved. 

There is a real need for people to speak up.

This comprehensive and easy to follow video "Community Engagement Educational Series  - Online Delegations', shows you how to effectively do a presentation at council.  

Other presentations include:

  • Learning About LPAT
  • The Planned Redevelopment of the Emerald Isle Motel Site
  • Ministerial Zoning Orders (MZO)
  • Key Development Area (KDA) Planning
  • Official Plan Update
  • Snow Windrow Clearing
  • Survey Results
  • Rules for Election Signs
  • Richmond Hill 2040
  • ​Council Meetings 101

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