Let the City know how you'd like the Mill Pond Park to be revitalized

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Richmond Hill is undertaking comprehensive studies for the rehabilitation and renewal of the long time favourite Mill Pond Park. 

So many of our favourite activities happen at this location  - Concerts in the Park, outdoor skating and the Winter Carnival, Eco-Festival, charity events.... The Mill Pond Gallery is across the street. There are places to stroll and  picnic and watch the swans and ducks and maybe spot a beaver.  The playground is well used. 

The city staff is seeking our input to help them make decisions related to the outdoor and recreation facilities, trails and natural heritage enhancement projects and more.  

Please give your input and take this survey.  Click HERE

David West, councillor for the area of the Mill Pond, encourages you to complete this survey, even if you are not in Ward 4. He is very proud of this park.  He also believes that the residents input is extremely important and that they will have some excellent ideas.