Gardening Tips - Put Your Christmas Tree to Work this January

The Nature Conservancy of Canada has an excellent suggestion for reusing your old Christmas tree by leaving it in your backyard over the winter.

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Tax Tips for January 2021 - by Andre LaRosa, CGA

Payroll Remittances

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NEW YEAR, NEW BRAIN! - 7 Ways to Boost Your Brain Power in 2021

Your sister wants to lose weight. Your boss wants to quit smoking. Your cousin wants to get out of debt and repair his bad credit. Sound familiar? It should. They’re the same unmet goals from last year. And the year before.

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Do You Know a Lonely Senior? Well, Imagine... (Part One)

January is a lonely month for many older persons in Richmond Hill.

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2020: Normalizing Crazy

Who would deny that it has been a crazy year? How has COVID-19 affected your mental well-being?

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Christmas Countdown - Boxing it up!

Boxing Day is the day after Christmas.  It may feel like Christmas is over, but historically or traditionally, it was the second day of twelve of Christmastide.   

The history of this day, and what it has become, is unclear. 

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Christmas Countdown - Day 24 - Crackling Yule Logs

The burning of a Yule log was part of the Christmas traditions wherever you needed heat and light this time of year – the northern hemisphere.  

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Christmas Countdown - Day 23 - Christmas Elves – a little thing tucked into of our Christmas traditions.

There seems to have always been littles elves around - these little creatures, male and female, with some magical powers. They were immortal. They lived in forests and mountains, or maybe down the well. They guarded our homes.  

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