Is a Younger Life Worth More Than an Older Life? -- Part One

Jennifer, a Nurse I know in a south Florida hospital, desperately pleaded with me on the telephone recently saying that she wanted to be somehow transported to Canada because she was totally emotionally spent-- at a dead end at her hospital in Flo

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Trying to Make Sense of the Responses to the Pandemic

Are you confused, and mentally taxed, by the rules and regulations regarding this pandemic that never seems like it is going to end? 

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Heather Skoll talks about the challenges of creating her Reset Zone app

Heather Skoll is an active Richmond Hill resident who has done a lot for our community.
She thought that creating this Reset Zone mobile wellness app would be a very good idea.

Here her talk about this journey from idea to app

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Gardening Tips - To Rake or Not to Rake

The leaves have fallen and this past weekend I saw most of my neighbours raking leaves and piling them into yard waste bags.

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A COVID-19 Afghan - made in Richmond Hill

Fourteen knitters in Richmond hill have knit a COVID-19 afghan. 

It is currently displayed in the window of Knitters Attic (10119 Yonge Street).

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How to Nurture a Peaceful Mind By Manisha Melwani

We all value peace of mind but very few of us know how to gain it.

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Food Trucks at Hillcrest Mall – and Holiday Market Coming Soon!

In the middle of October you may have started to notice some food trucks at the Hillcrest Mall  along Yonge Street.   Maybe you noticed a buzz of activity. Maybe you smelt something delicious.

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Gardening Tips - Allotment Gardening

Spurred on by my friends in the environmental group - Neighbours for the Planet - and my (almost) retirement, I decided to fulfill my wish to grow food this year for the first ti

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