Christmas Countdown - Day 3 - Christmas Tree Decorations, and particularly the Pickle

A Christmas tree is not a Christmas tree without decorations.

There are some interesting stories of these decorations.

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Tips for the COVID-19 Holiday Season

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought with it many situational losses including loss of health, jobs, finances, and death. Grief is a reaction to any kind of significant loss including the losses related to this unprecedented holiday season.

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Gardening Tips - Leaf Blowers – good or bad?

As promised, an article is on leaf blowers.

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Steps to LivingWell™ - Getting Enough Vitamin D

Canadians don’t get a lot of sunshine in the winter months. Most wake up while it’s still dark out, and by supper it’s dark again.  The result of the shorter days is less natural vitamin D.

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Christmas Countdown - Day 2 - Oh, Christmas Tree...

The Christmas tree may be the most significant symbol of Christmas. It is the highlight of the Christmas decorations for most homes.

Most histories of Christmas trees  go back to German traditions in the 1800s.

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Christmas Countdown - Day 1 Advent: Calendars & Candles

It seems appropriate that the first thing to be talked about in this Christmas Countdown is Advent.  It really is the real Christmas countdown. 

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Do you have kids or grandkids that need something to do over the holidays?'s friends at The STEAM Project wanted to make sure you knew that they are offering both in-person Winter Camp  (with strict Covid-19 protocols) and an assortment of virtual programs in J

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Richmond Hill Council Moves to Reduce Single-Use Plastics

As part of its ongoing commitment to caring for the natural environment, Richmond Hill is working to reduce reliance on single-use plastic items across the community.

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