ADHD, Autism Spectrum & Anxiety In Our Kids; Why Is This A Growing Concern? By Dr. Nicole Roberts, ND

I see a lot of kids in my office, each one of which I find to be an incredibly fascinating person with an interesting, individual medical case.

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Stan Daneman's 360 Kids Food & Clothing Drive

Stan Daneman has launched his third campaign to bring in food and new clothing items for 360kids. This shelter provides a critical service to the homeless kids from York Region.

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Anxiety, Depression, Dementia & Learning Disorders: The Gut-Brain Axis Explained!

The Gut-Brain Axis and the research around it has long been a topic mired in “researcher speak”, that is to say, lots of complicated terms that mean very little to anyone who doesn’t work in a lab or read scientific literature for fun.

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World Wildlife Fund Canada's Kids Run For Nature

The WWF Kids Nature Run is a 1 km, 3 km and 5 km fun run that gives kids the chance to get active in nature and raise funds for the conservation of the wildlife they care deeply about. 

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Estate planning strategies–protecting your legacy.

When your time comes – and may it be many years from now – you will want your legacy to be passed on exactly as you wish. You will want to ensure your family is protected and the least possible taxes are levied against your estate.

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Do you love the sounds of the Pipes and Drums? Would you like to join a community Pipe Band?

The Richmond Hill Centennial Pipe Band is looking for pipers, drummers & students!

They offer free drumming and piping instruction
Practices are every second Wednesday night at Boynton House (Richmond Green)

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The Facts About Computer Vision Syndrome 2

Article by Dr. Radhika Chawla, O.D

Computers have become a part of every day life for many. For both children and adults, sitting in front of a computer screen for hours is becoming more and more common.

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