Finding a Hobby in Retirement

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When you retire you think you’ll pursue all sorts of new and exciting hobbies, but sometimes finding a hobby or two may not be that easy. Hobbies should have a mind body connection. Hobbies need not be expensive, but they need to be fun and not too strenuous. In fact there are hundreds of hobbies out there just waiting for older adults to participate in.

Quality leisure time and physical activity promotes a healthier lifestyle.  Our bodies are meant to be active and to move.  Many people, especially as they age, tend to become inactive and sedentary preferring to watch television to help occupy their day.

In search of a healthy habit and an enjoyable hobby?  Why not try walking. Walking is a choice that is easily suited to almost any lifestyle. Walking is a hobby where you don’t have to learn a new skill, invest in a new wardrobe or purchase equipment. It’s free and you can walk anywhere. You can take a long walk or a short one; go alone, in pairs, or even join a walking club.

Getting involved in traditional hobbies such as cards and board games, can help to keep your mind alert and engaged. Whether you are playing bridge, scrabble or euchre, you have the added benefits of improving your social and emotional well-being.

Choosing a hobby shouldn't be to simply pass time; but rather choose a hobby that helps keeps you active and involved. Hobbies can and should be life enriching if they are well matched to the interests, abilities and desires of those pursuing them.