Mill Pond Park to be revitalized

less than 1 minute

Here's what to look forward to:

  • Restoration of the natural woodland and wetland in the centre of the park, including management of invasive species, protecting it for future generations
  • A boardwalk through the natural area which will allow better connectivity across the wetlands
  • A new pedestrian bridge across the north end of Mill Pond to connect the trail from the Mill Street entry area to the Upper Mill Pond area, creating a connected loop within the park
  • A “spine trail” that will connect the entire 19 hectare park, from the southeast corner to the northwest corner, with seating areas at points of interest
  • A new meadow area at the north end of the park, connecting Mill Pond Park to Stavert Park
  • A new park centre building with improved washroom facilities, gallery space, storage space and a potential cafe space to better support the events in the park
  • New amenities including pickleball courts, an outdoor ice skating rink and outdoor fitness equipment
  • Enhanced tennis courts, playground and gazebo
  • Additional parking near Stavert Park 

More information about the Mill Pond Park Revitalization Master Plan can be found at