Yard Waste Collection begins next week!

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Yard waste includes leaves, pine cones, fallen fruit, trees, shrub trimmings, pumpkins, clean straw and dried corn stalks. Soil, sod and grass clippings are NOT ACCEPTED. 

Yard waste is no longer collected on Mondays. Yard waste is now collected on your regular waste collection day.

2024 Yard Waste Collection Schedule

  • April 16 to October 11 - Bi-weekly on garbage collection day*
  • October 15 to December 13 - Weekly on your regular waste collection day

*If you live in the "blue zone" collection begins the week of April 16. If you live in the "yellow zone" it begins the week of April 23. Check the Waste Management Calendar to see what zone you're in.

Curbside collection guidelines

  • Yard waste must be placed at the curb after 6 p.m. on the night before your collection day and before 7 a.m. on the day of collection.
  • Yard waste must be set out in a large Kraft paper bag (available at most retailers), cardboard box or in a reusable, rigid, open top container, such as a garbage can or bushel basket (max. 125L or 33G), which must be clearly labelled with a yellow yard waste sticker. Yard waste stickers are available for free at Access Richmond Hill (225 East Beaver Creek Road, Ground Floor) and at the Operations Center (1200 Elgin Mills Road East). 
  • Bundle branches, sticks and twigs with twine (maximum length 1.2m/4ft and no branches may be larger than 10 cm in diameter).
  • Each container or bundle must not exceed 18 kg/40lbs.
  • If yard waste has not been collected it must be removed from the curb on the collection day.

Richmond Hill residents can drop off their yard waste at the Bloomington Yard Waste Depot located at 1351 Bloomington Road, Richmond Hill. Visit www.york.ca/wastedepots for hours and fees.