Richmond Hill Group of Artists Virtual Gallery Show ~ Spring - A Touch of Warmth

less than 1 minute

This exhibit is on line for the months of May and June. Some amazing creations by our local artists!!

Spring, the promise of warm weather, new beginnings and optimism.

The Richmond Hill Group of Artists are pleased to share with you what their ‘warm touch’ looks like. Enjoy!

They will feature work from this show on our Social Media platforms in the coming weeks, and the complete show can be viewed on their website.
All artwork can be purchased  by visiting the “Shop RHGA” page and selecting “Art Sales”

Here is a sampling 

Larry Herscovitch - "Sunset Fishermen"

Larry Herscovitch - Sunset Fishermen


Betty Wong - "Outdoor Cafe Toronto"

Betty Wong - Outdoor Cafe Toronto


Asher Sadeh -"Rite of Spring"

Asher Sadeh - Rite of Spring


Vladimir Lopatin - "Silver Lily"

Vladimir Lopatin - Silver Lily


Sherryl Hopper - "Springtime" 

Sherryl Hopper - Springtime