David Dunlap Observatory is now an officially designated National Historic Site

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Have you been there lately?  Now Richmond Hillers should venture over to this National Historic Site. On June 15th, 2022 there was a a special ceremony to unveil a commemorative plaque.

Both the domed observatory and the administrative building are beautiful and have recently been renovated.

At present the buildings are only open for special events. But it is still worthwhile to go and walk around.   There are picnic tables and it would be a great place to have a picnic. 

It is located at 123 Hillsview in the  Bayview and Weldrick area. Click HERE for the google map.

Some facts about the David Dunlap Observatory (DDO):

  • The DDO opened in 1935. Its cutting-edge, 74-inch reflecting telescope was the second largest in the world and was at the forefront of space discovery and helping establish the field of academic astronomy in Canada.
  • It was connected to the University of Toronto, and was the first university to offer graduate degrees in astronomy in Canada.
  • The observatory was the centre of a major astronomical breakthrough in 1971, when Thomas Bolton’s research confirmed the existence of black holes. The observatory was also the research home of Helen Sawyer Hogg, one of the first female astronomers, and a renowned expert on star clusters and Canada’s best-known astronomer through the middle of the 20th century.
  • The architectural design of the Observatory dome combines mid-20th Modern and Neo-Classical elements while the Administration building features elegant Beaux-Arts designs
  • The site, which includes a 40 hectare park, is now owned by the City of Richmond Hill.

Click HERE for more information about DDO including how to book a tour,