Gardening Tips ~ Aerated Water for House Plants

less than 1 minute

Article by Rahe Richards, a member for Richmond Hill Garden & Horticultural Society

For those of you who took some of your indoor plants out for the summer you now find that as the growing season draws to a close, you will need to start bringing those house plants back indoors. Most house and tropical plants prefer non-chlorinated water at room temperature. You’ll find that most tap water is chlorinated. 

I find the following activities help settle my indoor plants for the winter, whether to go dormant or to continue to grow as tropical plants.
• Collect rainwater in containers to use indoors. Let it reach room temperature and set the containers aside using as needed indoors.
• Condition the plants for the indoors by first bringing them into the garage or any sheltered place.
• Stop fertilizing and reduce watering, using the collected rainwater, which is now at room temperature. Don’t do this step if you are growing them as tropical plants in the house.
• If you run out of rainwater in the winter months, have a small bucket in the bathroom to collect the cold water that is wasted when the tap is running for hot water and let it sit for at least twenty-four hours. Then use it for the plants.
• Remember to let the soil dry out to about 1/2 inch deep when dipped with the finger or use a meter before you water the plants.
• Give them the required light conditions and move them around if they are getting leggy.
• Keep an eye out for bugs.