Let’s Explore Richmond Hill – Lake Wilcox Park

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This place is a real gem.  I felt like I was off on holidays and visiting a tourist attraction.

It is a popular spot particularly on nice weekends.  Since one purpose of these "Let’s Explore Richmond Hill" articles is to give you places you can safely go outside during this time of the pandemic, I’d urge you not to go on the weekend this summer, unless it is very early in the morning.

There is a instinctual  lure to want to stare out on a body of water and that is one reason this park is so popular. You cannot go swimming.   

Lake Wilcox

You can canoe or kayak but no motorboats or Seadoos! And there are two spots to go fishing.  For more information please dlick here .

The park is quite spread out and has different areas with different things to do.
On site map of Lake Wilcox Park

The board walk, jutting out into the lake is very photogenic, both as a structure and for the view. A lot of selfies are taken there. It was called Sunset Beach for a reason. 

Boardwalk Lake Wilcox Park

I have seen some stunning photos taken from this vantage point.

Sunset Beach Board Walk Sign

The splash pad, located at the north end of the park, is so much fun for young children.  And there are lots of places for parents to rest and watch. There are washrooms right there too.
Splash Pad

The Richmond Hill Canoe Club has a clubhouse on site and their members are often out on the water.  They do offer kids lesson and on the weekends there are opportunities for adults! See their web site.www.rhcc.on.ca

There is a playground near the splash pad and lots of seating – if it’s not a busy weekend!

At the south end  energetic activities abound. 

Skateboard Park Lake Wilcox Park

It is fun just to watch skateboards swoosh up and down the cement walls. 

Skateboard Park Lake Wilcox Park

There are 4 volleyball courts on sand.   Two basketball courts will probably have some big tall guys grunting and passing balls. You can watch this while working out on one of 7 adjacent pieces of adult exercise equipment.  (You may want to bring some wipes and hand sanitizer). 

Outdoor Volleyball courts

Outdoor Exercise Equipment Lake Wilcox Park

I am not certain if this rope structure is for children only. 

Ropes Lake Wilcox Park

The seating areas are works of art and so inviting.  

Seating area Lake Wilcox Park

Blue Adirondack Chairs Lake Wilcox Park

Shaded Space at Lake Wilcox Park

Shaded Space at Lake Wilcox Park

Blue and Green Adirondack Chairs Lake Wilcox Park

Blue Lounge Chairs

There is lots of art in many forms. The sculptures blend into their natural surroundings.


Eagle in Sky

Canoe Sculpture Lake Wilcox Park

Turtle Sculpture Lake Wilcox Park

Nature enthusiast will be happy here too. The gardens that have been planted feature native plants. 

Native Plants at Lake Wilcox Park

Along the pathways the areas are not groomed and the wildflowers attract many butterflies and other insects. Walk slowly. The City’s recreation department has created a self-guided tree tour.  Twenty  different species of trees to be found! Click here for the brochure.

Currently the Oak Ridges Community Centre is closed due to the pandemic.  

The walkways are very accommodating. They are wide and smooth.  It would be easy for someone with a walker or scooter.  Bicyclists, particularly, with young kids riding along, need to be watched for.  You can keep 2 meters away.

So if you are looking for a place to take a young family to play, or just go by yourself and find a spot to read or write, take some photos, bring an easel and your paints, meet up with your book club, if you live in Richmond Hill you ought to visit.

As of July 22nd,2020, the city has started to charge for parking. If you are a resident you can get a free permit.  Click here for details.